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Returnal Hostiles trailer shows some monsters players will have to survive

undertow's Avatar undertow   April 15th, 2021
Housemarque has released a brand new trailer for its upcoming third person shooter Returnal, and this one looks at the hostiles players will have to try against on this harsh world. The trailer shows how each enemy will provide a different challenge with each having different movement styles, as well as long range and short range attacks. Each has its own unique look too. Selene is the protagonist of Returnal and is a spacefaring scout who finds herself marooned on an alien planet. After a foreboding intro which has Selene discover the remnants of an ancient civilization, she perishes only to reawaken in her cockpit, completely unscathed yet with memories of her previous life. Interview: How Returnal will redefine what players expect from Housemarque Returnal will also break away from the third person action on occasion, thrusting players into story-driven first person segments. These, combined with the relics you find on Atropos, and the other narrative breadcrumbs left by Housemarque will help piece together the full story. We recently went hands on with Returnal – here are some initial thoughts from our PS5 preview: Fans of Housemarque’s work will certainly find much to like in this game, but every element is being pushed far beyond what they’ve attempted to do in the past, whether it’s the cutting edge visuals, the added complexities of the 3D gameplay and procedural world generation, or telling a deep and engaging story through. Returnal is gearing up to be a massive leap forward for Housemarque. Returnal will launch on PS5 on April 30th, 2021. Source: YouTube
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