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Rust: Console Edition video game

Rust Console Edition

After a month of Rust Console edition I feel I have enough information for a review. I honestly do not recommend playing. There is some good content  as a 20 year veteran of online gaming I enjoy the harvesting, crafting & building aspects. However its extremely hard to do any of them outside of a builder paradise server as the PvP is open world and completely unrestricted.  So if you do play expect to be ganked everywhere and anywhere. Only 20% of the gaming community enjoys this type of PvP so I am not sure why Double11 the game developer is catering to them.  I decided to download the Public test Branch version thinking the PvP there would  be more restricted since those servers are meant to test new content .  I was wrong , The PvP is just as bad there and even a bit worse as the rejects from the main servers come there  to low population servers to disrupt play testing. outside of the builder servers where weapons can do NO damage to players or buildings there is not much testing of content going on.  Players regularly get stalked and harassed in game. Even though that behavior is expressly forbidden by the games Code of Conduct.  I was told the D11 administrators rarely respond to reports that come in from players and either do not open them or just delete them without reading them.  This was my experience with a report made about a players it is still sitting unopened after 30 days.  The game recently got an update of 3.5GB I thought it would be the new farming update everyone is waiting on to start testing.  Again I was wrong it was all bug fixes  game repairs and patches yes 3.5 GB just for that. Many sounded like simple fixes as I read the patch  log and this game has been live since may 21 2021 so I would say D11 has no sense of urgency to get the game working right.  Custom servers are supposedly coming soon well it better be in the next update if D11 wants to expand the player base as it is right now its just the same serial killers in training playing on several servers as one person told me he plays on 7 servers.  Yea 7 servers during the same day wow and I thought I had too much time on my hands.  At this point I do not recommend playing rust Console edition. Once custom servers come in and players can start their own server and restrict game play as they want it to be it may get better. I enjoyed the game  beyond the constant PvP when I could play those parts . but it needs a lot of work and Double 11 just does not seem to have the commitment  or the competence to get that work done in a timely fashion.  I rate rust Console a edition 2 out of 5 stars.

BigE's Avatar BigE February 2nd, 2023

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