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Third Party Controller Support Is Not Good

wondergamer's Avatar wondergamer   April 15th, 2021

I just started playing Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin, and it's a really cool game so far. But the third party controller support is very bad. I tried to use my HoriPad S (USB Nintendo Switch controller) in DirectInput mode and it kept asking for button 15 for a lot of important things, like fast travel on the mini-map. And you can't remap some of the things button 15 is automatically assigned to. I played with my Steam settings and stuff to try and get the controller to play nice with Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin, but my HoriPad S just wouldn't work properly.

My SIXAXIS PlayStation 3 controller works perfectly fine, however. I'm using it with SCPTool and it's working great now. But if you are having problems with controls on PC, you should really use a PS3, PS4, or Xbox controller and it'll work better. It might save you some troubles.

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woomyUwU's Avatar woomyUwU
2021-04-16 09:38:48

You can change your steam settings and some third party controllers will work but it's not worth the effort. Most third party controllers aren't when Xbox and PlayStation are so well supported.