Sea of ThievesSea of Thieves is a disguised early access

Sea of Thieves is a disappointment. All marketing, no bite. The video covers lots of problems, like lack of enemies, nothing worth exploring, repetitive quests, and the game getting old, really, really quickly.

All the progression in Sea of Thieves is cosmetics. You don't level up, gain more abilities, or anything like that. You just change how you look. That's only worth it if you're dressing up cute waifus. Which makes of Sea of Thieves even worse, because the female character designs are far from attractive.

Sea of Thieves really was all marketing, and not much of a game. I guess if you see Polygon say a game is fun, you can expect an easy, boring game.

Most importantly, though, Sea of Thieves, in its launch state, is not a full game and it is definitely not worth $60.

Summing up the general consensus about Sea of Thieves. The game has very few content as expected from the recent beta tests. 3 years of wait and marketing. Rare briefly teased the "golden age of piracy", which should come after launch (no information or date at the moment). For now the game is $60 and absolutely not worth the money.

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