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Sonic Adventure 2 departs from Sonic Adventure gameplay by getting rid of the (somewhat unecessary) hubworld. One tackles levels in a linear fashion, choosing the Hero-side (Sonic and company) or the Evil-side (Shadow and company). Sonic and Shadow's gameplay is similar, one rushes across the stage, platforming across gaps and hitting enemies. Tail's and Eggman's gameplay is much like Gamma E-102s gameplay in the first entry. Both characters control a mech and shoot their way across the level. Their gameplay is slow and platforming sparce. Knuckles and Rouge's gameplay revolves around finding 3 emeralds per level. This one is the worst of the three as the radar is pretty bad and one needs to find the emeralds in a certain order rather than finding them at one's leisure. One can repeat missions to get a higher rank and potentially unlocking things.

anon's Avatar anon August 15th, 2016

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