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Sonic Colors Remastered May Have Just Been Accidentally Leaked

larynx's Avatar larynx   April 9th, 2021

Twitter user DJ/JoJo has stumbled on a website alleging to have worked on a Sonic Colors Remaster in 2020. There has been no official announcement of a Sonic Colors Remaster, but this page alleges they've worked on it, as well as with several other video games, including Zelda and Final Fantasy XIV.

The page lists several other sonic projects iksample claims to have worked on, like Sonic 2018, Sonic Lego Dimensions City, Sonic 2017, Sonic Mach2, and more. iksample is a company in Berlin, founded in 2003 that specializes in voice production and audio design, including localization. They have a large amount of games, shows, and other media under their belts so it's no surprising to see them accidentally mentioning a possible new Sonic remaster.

The original source is ( An archive is provided in case the original site is altered. This is just a rumor, it could be a mistake, it could be a cancelled project, or it could be an error. Take it with a huge grain of salt, it's an unconfirmed rumor and I am just reporting what others have found about a Sonic Colors Remaster.

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