Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) video game

Sonic '06: The Dead Horse (Cooper's Perspective)


After being a month late, Cooper finally finished his lengthy Sonic '06 review, & there's really no point to explaining just what Sonic '06 was (and still is). You've all heard of it, you've all seen it, now Cooper's going to put this game back in the spotlight like it already has been for the past decade. Case & Point: Fuck this game...

This is the first review in a while to be exported in 720p60, the reason being all my computer memory issues, which made editing + exporting in 1080p60 become time consuming (and almost impossible). So reviews from this point on will be rendered in 720p60 until I update my rig. Oh well...

ThatCooperGuy's Avatar ThatCooperGuy December 14th, 2016
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