#468 SpellForce 3

Back to the roots of the SpellForce saga! A RPG/RTS mixture, which elegantly combines the best of both worlds.

Experience war-torn times in the fantasy world of Eo. Command your troops, level/gear/skill up your heroes, strengthen your forces, conquer pivotal zones to expand your territory, and experience the world-changing events that will lead up to the convocation ritual.

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ReleasesDecember 7th, 2017 1 day ago Unknown

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Review: SpellForce 3

Thanks to the likes of Dragon Warrior and Castlevania, making the third entry in a given series a prequel has become something of a normal convention
2017-12-06 14:20:18 by kokuro in SpellForce 3

SpellForce 3 - Open beta testing has been launched

THQ Nordic has announced the launch of the open beta testing for SpellForce 3. According to the publisher, the SpellForce 3 beta is available to
2017-11-17 21:55:42 by omegabuster in SpellForce 3

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