Review: SpellForce 3

Review: SpellForce 3

Thanks to the likes of Dragon Warrior and Castlevania, making the third entry in a given series a prequel has become something of a normal convention in gaming. The story begins in the events leading up to what will eventually be known as the Mage Wars and the creation of The Circle of Mages, shedding more light in what led to the disaster that set the stage for the original SpellForce. The game contains a couple prequels to itself in its own right; one is mandatory and one is an optional scenario.

Sounds like a really interesting combination of genres, and they've managed to make it work. It definitely sounds like a situation where you can't have the best of both worlds, but it's a very ambitious goal and it seems like it's paid off very well.

Positive Review
kokuro's Avatar kokuro 2017-12-06 14:20:18 to SpellForce 3

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