Spiritfarer video game
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In order to assist with her journey, Charon gifts both Stella and Daffodil with the magical Everlight.
First Release August 18, 2020
Last Release August 18, 2020

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The main character, Stella, becomes a "Spiritfarer" whose job is to ferry spirits of the deceased to the afterlife. In order to assist with her journey, Charon gifts both Stella and Daffodil with the magical Everlight. After Charon passes through the Everdoor, Stella procures a ship of her own and begins travelling the world, picking up spirits and helping them fulfill their last wishes while befriending them along the way. As she picks up more spirits and collects resources, Stella expands the ship and its capabilities further. However, eventually, Stella must begin sending the spirits to the Everdoor, with each of them giving an emotional send off as they thank Stella for everything she has done for them, leaving her a spirit flower to remember them by. Hades then questions Stella's motivations, wondering whether her desire to help spirits is truly altruistic or simply a selfish means to ease her own insecurities. Eventually, Stella sends off the last spirit through the Everdoor and she has one final confrontation with Hades. Hades reveals that Stella's real body is on the verge of death in the real world, and it is now her time to pass through the Everdoor. She passes through the Everdoor with Daffodil and they both become a constellation in the sky. The main character of the game who works as the new Spiritfarer. She is a positive thinker with a bright and happy personality and a desire to help others. Stella’s cat companion who helps her with tasks and retrieving materials. Daffodil is playable in co-op mode. The Spiritfarer who preceded Stella and gave her the position before he passed. A deer spirit that Stella meets first. The spirit flower she leaves behind is an Asphodel. The second spirit Stella meets and the first through the “The More, The Merrier” quest.


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