Battle for bikini bottom rehydrated review

Posted By   Souleater66's Avatar Souleater66   on July 4th, 2020 Report

At the beginning of the game it is great, but as you move foward in the game it starts to show many bugs. My biggest issue right now with this game is that I cannot move past the destroy the robot ship level and move onto the boss battle. I have tried everything to get it to work but it will not move me foward. I think that the makers of this game rushed it too much which is why theyre all these bugs. It is super frustrating. Also another thing i have noticed that bothers me. In Bikini bottom it says I am missing one sock but I know im not missing any socks and that its the one from the krusty krab even though i collected it and i now have no other way to get it back.

This game needs a lot of improvements and needs to be updated asap. I am super disappointed with this game and they didn't even add Patrick's dream like they said they would before they released it. Honestly right now I would rate this like a 4.5 until the bugs get fixed I don't see my rating going any higher. If you are thinking about purchasing this game I would wait a few months just so the bugs can be worked out.

Overall it could be a really good game. I loved the original and was super excited to get the remake but I am just disappointed with the results so far and I really hope things will improve.

P.S: Sorry for how this is written I have never written a review before and I've never been big into writing but I hope this review gives you an idea of what to expect of this game.

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2020-07-04 21:53:42

That's too bad. a lot of remakes seem to do this too. Where they start out really good and toward the end the quality just completely disappears. I was so disappointed with a few of them, but I haven't reached one that was so filled with bugs that I couldn't continue the game.

thanks for the heads up with your review, I was thinking about getting this but I'm not going to fight bugs like this.

2020-07-08 20:27:46

This was a great review, I love how you talked about the bugs and serious issues SpongeBob has. A lot of reviewers won't touch those kinds of issues. Android App

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