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Posted By   thegamer's Avatar thegamer   on December 19th, 2017 Report

Square Enix recently ported Star Ocean: The Last Hope to PS4 and PC, all new remastered graphics and settings options included. It’s a remaster of the already enhanced PS3 port titled International. What’s that? You heard Star Ocean: The Last Hope was a trash game not worth your time? Perhaps you even read this original review found right here at oprainfall (be warned, it contains subtle spoilers). Well, throw out any preconceived notions you have of how rotten SO4 supposedly is because it’s not. This is a wonderful game with wonderful characters and an entertaining story for any everyday JRPG fan—one who isn’t sitting through a game taking notes, looking for any plot hole or fault they can find. Make sure you’re settled in and comfy while I enlighten you (hopefully a lover of JRPGs), and let you know what makes this title worth your time.

I have been playing the new remaster a little, and I happen to agree. It's a decent JRPG, but it's definitely for fans of JRPGs and all that a JRPG brings with it.

It has its fair share of problems, but I agree, it's not as bad as people usually say. And if you can tolerate some of the problems that come with some JRPGs, like horrible dub voices, it's a decent game for people who like JRPGs.

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