Star Ocean: The Last Hope 4K & Full HD RemasterVery weak voice acting

They did a pretty good job remastering this game graphically, but they didn't seem to touch the voice acting, at all. Some of it is really, really bad. It's got this awkward pacing and sometimes the voices just don't fit the characters, at all.

One character who joined my party, Lymle, is a little girl, and she talks in this really creepy slow, monotone voice. They tried to make her cute, but it really just sounds almost scary, like I keep expecting her to jump out and do something really evil.

Some of the voices are ok, specially Edge. But overall, the English voices have not been changed and they're still horrible. I would have went with a stronger review for audio, but it's saved by the fact it has Japanese audio you can select.

xEEM's Avatar xEEM 2017-12-06 21:57:07
Post Topic: Audio You Dislike

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