Star Wars Battlefront II Review

Posted By   soul's Avatar soul   on November 14th, 2017 Report

It’s come to our attention after this review was posted that alongside the reduction in hero cost, the amount you receive from the campaign ending loot crate has also been reduced from 20,000 to 5,000 credits. That obviously dampens the starting progression, and probably won’t do EA any favours in the court of public opinion. We’ve learned our lesson, so the rest of this review remains unchanged (OK, so we fixed a few typos after the hurried rewrite), and was as well informed as possible at the time of posting.

They gave it an 8/10, but this is absolutely horrible EA would do this. They basically talked about how they were doing such a great thing by lowering the cost of heroes. And then they didn't tell you they also lowered how much you earn.

EA is really, really pushing things and I think no matter if Battle Front 2 is a good game or not, this over-rides everything about it and makes it horrible. I give The Sixth Axis some credit for reviewing the game and not changing too much about their review, even with this.

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