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game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Let's Play Modded Star Wars : Knights of the Old Republic - Episode 43

Posted By   ViriatusPC's Avatar ViriatusPC
Part 43 of my Let's Play Star Wars : Knights of the Old Republic whit mods series . The mods i'm using are : - KOTOR Restoration mod - HIGH QUALITY SKYBOXES by Kexikus - Alternate Portraits - Bastilla Head Reskin 2.0 by Darth Jaden - Canderous Reskin by Darth Jaden - Dantooine Reskin - Hi-Res Beam Effects 2.0 by Darth InSidious - Fire and Ice HD - Goatee Carth by Darth_Shan - High Quality Blasters by Sithspecter - HK-47 - ASSASSIN DROID by Drewton - Invisible Headgear by Shem - Jedi from the start - Juhani Reskin (Version 1.0) by Nimduril - Prequel robes replacement - High Quality stars and nebulas - Robe stats boost - Underwear pack by Lordkinoda - Malak Reskin V2 - Quanons Mission Vao Reskin - KOTOR R2-D2 Mod for T3-4M - Republic Uniform Reskin - Revan Canon face whit scars - DrunksideĀ“s Saber Replacement - Vurt's K1 Ebon Hawk Retexture - Weapons of the Old Republic

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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

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