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Stardew Valley's Multiplayer Mode is Finally Available Now in Public Beta

swanky's Avatar swanky
  April 30th, 2018

Now you can farm with friends in Stardew Valley's long-awaited multiplayer mode, which is now available in a public beta to players on PC.

Finally, it took them long enough, but it looks like everything went well and the Stardew Valley multiplayer update is finally here.

Here's how to get access to the Stardew Valley Beta so you can play Stardew Valley Multiplayer;

As the multiplayer mode is still in beta, there are a few steps needed to actually install and access the mode inside of the game’s v1.3 update. Mainly, in Steam you have to right-click the game in your library, and then head into the “Betas” tab of the pop-up window. After that, you can enter the password “jumpingjunimos” into the Betas entrance box and click “Check Code,” which will then grant players access to the beta and its new features. that being said, the features are still in development, so bugs and other issues may pop up while accessing the beta.

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