A Better Harvest Moon for PC

Posted By   flamfranky's Avatar flamfranky   on November 14th, 2016 Report
I only play harvest moon back to nature for psx so i dont know how Stardew Valley compare to another Harvest Moon. But i can say it is far better than back to nature in every aspect.
It has a a good soundtrack, graphic is decent, not anything special for my taste. you can have quest that given by the villagers, it can be scripted quest where it triggers if certain condition is made (most based on date and relationship you have with them) or random quest that has expiration date and also it has cutscene to many villagers not limited to love interest, which makes interaction with villagers interesting.
This game is open ended. You can focus on any job (farmer, fishermen, etc) and given time you can complete any objective in the game (granpa's shrine, community bundle, etc), but of course with certain profession can complete the objective much faster.
This games also regularly patch and developer is quick when fixing bugs, big props to him, but if i have to make a complaint, it has to be the developer promise to have multiplayer maybe will be long before it complete or maybe never at all, but with so many positive things on this game, im fine with that

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