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Posted By   Kualdir's Avatar Kualdir   on January 22nd, 2017 Report
The game that is made by 1 person with a little help from others became better than most triple a games and took more hours than any other game for a lot of people the game doesn't stop at a end point you can keep playing forever or start a new save and try other things there is so much in the game you don't have the time to do everything you want the music and story is awesome and keeps you hooked there is a lot of replay-ability and you can even mod the game that makes it even more fun to play

This game is worth a buy if you are thinking between this and a triple a game this game wins

This game is just like drugs you get addicted to it and never want to stop -MyBoomShtick
I can't stop playing this game there is way to much to do -Zae
This is made by one person???!!!! HOW?! -Kualdir

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