Street Fighter Alpha 3 video game
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Street Fighter Alpha 3, the third game in the Alpha series, has a total of 31 fighters, the most in the series so far. New characters include old favorites E. Honda, Blanka, Vega, Cammy, T. Hawk, Dee Jay, Juni and Juli. Some of the newest fighters on the block include a former Final Fight character (Cody, who has been in jail since the last Final Fight game, or so his clothing suggests), Karin Kanzuki and Rainbow Mika. The major difference between this Alpha and the last two are the new play modes World Tour, Arcade, VS, Training and Entry.. Since it's been a really long time to post Street Fighter Alpha 3. i wanted to share some more of that game. For now i'll post dramatic battle. But the more a game takes view, the more i play it. In the future i want to upload Tour Mode and finishing the games with other characters for any game request please comment below Remember! It's always free to sub/like/comment Follow me on Twitter:
First Release June 29, 1998
Last Release October 18, 2011

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