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Switch eShop deals - 20XX, Elliot Quest, Saints Row, Super Crush KO, more

nintendoeverything.comA number of new deals are up and running on the North American Switch eShop. These include 20XX, Elliot Quest, Saints Row, Super Crush KO, and more. Here are the full highlights:...
dagash's Avatar dagash 2020-06-21 22:36:03

Super Crush KO launch trailer

nintendoeverything.comTo celebrate today’s release, Vertex Pop issued a launch trailer for its Switch eShop title Super Crush KO. We have it below.
pocky's Avatar pocky 2020-01-16 10:26:05

Super Crush KO footage

nintendoeverything.comNew footage is in for Super Crush KO, the next title from Graceful Explosion Machine Vertex Pop. Have a look at the gameplay below.

Super Crush KO release date revealed in smashing trailer

www.pcinvasion.comThe fast-pasted platformer meets brawler, Super Crush KO, has just got a release date with an action packed trailer.
ark89's Avatar ark89 2020-01-10 09:26:08

Super Crush K.O. is a Vibrant Combo-Heavy Game from the Graceful Explosion Machine Developers

www.dualshockers.comSave your cat (and the whole world, while you're at it) in Super Crush K.O., a beat-and-shoot-em-up showcased at PAX East.
lugen's Avatar lugen 2019-04-04 12:37:49
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