Not getting GSP if someone runs out of stock and leaves is stupid

Posted By   allstar's Avatar allstar   on October 24th, 2020 Report

I've been trying to raise my GSP in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, playing free for all smash. Most of the time I win or come in second, someone leaves and I don't get any GSP. It's so dumb, it doesn't matter if they leave or not, they are defeated and don't matter any more. But Smash Bros Ultimate won't give you your GSP if someone leaves.

I know GSP doesn't matter that much, but not getting any GSP because someone left the match after losing completely defeats the purpose of GSP being used as a ranking system. It's giving you nothing for winning, yet if you lose and you stay until the end of the match, you lose GSP.

Nintendo really needs to fix it so that it someone quits after they run out of stock, the winner still get GSP. This has been going on for a long time and it's still not fixed, I can't imagine it being too difficult to fix either.

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