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Sweet Bakery Tycoon video game
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Start your baking career and prepare some delicious cakes for your clients, using a whole set of creams, fruits, and decorations. Test your skills on 60 diverse and increasingly difficult levels. Personalize...
First Release June 4, 2021
Last Release June 4, 2021

Sweet Bakery Tycoon Review

SwitchCowboy's Avatar SwitchCowboy August 28th, 2021

Sweet Bakery Tycoon is a fast paced coffee, cake, and muffin shop simulator where your objective is to meet customers' orders as quickly as possible. You are also tasked with upgrading your food and the kitchen utensils you use to make your food and coffee.

Sweet Bakery Tycoon Gameplay Review

Sweet Bakery Tycoon video game

The game play is simple, but pretty fun. Basically, a customer comes up to your bakery counter and places an order, represented by several icons. It's your job to then make it.

There is a coffee machine, you press L to start brewing coffee. You are responsible for turning the machine off when the cup is full, and then handing it to the customer. In Sweet Tycoon Bakery, you're also responsible for creating cakes. Cakes can have different toppings, or none at all. Sweet Tycoon Bakery starts you off slowly with just making coffee and making cakes, but it quickly ramps up into being a time management situation. You will find yourself with multiple customers wanting cakes, but one oven to make them. So you're forced to find the best way to get your customers what they want before they get upset. The faster you take care of them, the bigger your tip will be.

Sweet Bakery Tycoon video gameAfter each level, you're given a star rating based on your performance, as well as the total money earned. You then use the money earned to upgrade your kitchen or your food supplies. Levels start out with a goal, with the first goals being simple, like to earn a certain amount of money.


The graphics in Sweet Tycoon Bakery are well done two dimensional artwork. There's nice sprite based animation. I don't have much to say other than the game does look pretty good.

Music and Sound Effects

The music is pretty enjoyable to listen to. As far as video game music goes, I wouldn't intentionally seek this out to listen to it on my own, like I do with some great sound tracks. But overall the music in Sweet Bakery Tycoon is quite pleasant to listen to. However it does have a weird loop if you listen to the main song in a level long enough.

The sound effects are great too.

Final Thoughts On My Sweet Bakery Tycoon Review

Overall, this game is pretty enjoyable to play. I had some fun, it can get surprisingly fast paced and hectic. It's currently on sale for $1.99 on the eShop, which is a great deal for a game this polished. If you are looking for something interesting to play, and like face paced games like this where you have time to react to making something the right way, it's fun. Normally it's a $4.99 game, which isn't too bad either. I've seen games like this go for much more on the eShop.

If you like tycoon games with fast paced game play with some lighter restaurant simulation, I would recommend Sweet Bakery Tycoon, especially for the price if it's on sale. You can probably buy it with extra points you get from making eShop purchases.


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