Taiko Drum Master (Switch Version) video game

Switch Version of Taiko Drum Master Details & Screenshots Released


There has been a number of new screenshots released for the upcoming Switch version of Taiko Drum Master along with some new details.

Taiko Drum Master is a super fun game, I'm really excited for it to come to Nintendo Switch. Some new information has been dropped, including that there will be over 70 songs, minigames, and a few songs have been confirmed, including a Splatoon 2 song, Seven Deadly Sins anime, Dragon Ball Z, and Spirited Way.

You use the joy cons to emulate using real sticks like the real game, but tapping them the same way you would on a real Taiko Drum Master machine.

In case you aren't familiar, Taiko Drum Master is a rhythm game with a big drum. You get two sticks, and you either hit the drum on the face, or hit it on the rim (or side) to the rhythm of the music. It is usually filled with awesome Japanese video game, JPOP, and Anime music.

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xEEM's Avatar xEEM April 19th, 2018

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