Watch Jonathon Ross 'play' The Bradwell Conspiracy

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UK television celebrity Jonathon Ross plays the narrator in Bossa Studio’s The Bradwell Conspiracy, which is out today, and to celebrate the launch there is a video of him ‘playing’ the game with his son, who just happens to be one of the developers on the game. If you watch the entire video then you will notice Jonathon passes the controller to his son about half way through after getting annoyed that he couldn’t 3D print a dog. “I want a dog, how do I switch to a dog?” he asks before exclaiming “I just printed a cat! I didn’t want to print a m****rf***king cat!” Set in the year 2026 at Summer Solstice, Bradwell Electronics is celebrating the launch of its ‘Clean Water Initiative’ at the Stonehenge museum, the initiative being a “technical breakthrough guaranteed to change the world”. However, something goes wrong and you you wake in a pile of rubble and must use a pair of AR Smart Glasses to communicate with the only other survivor, Amy. “By working in tandem, sending Amber photographs of your surroundings, together, the two of you try to discover a means of escape,” say publishers Bossa, “But as you find yourself delving deeper and deeper into the bowels of the company’s secret underground complex, a sickening truth begins to dawn.” The Bradwell Conspiracy features music by Austin Wintory (Journey), and character performances by Rebecca LaChance and Abubakar Salim (Assassin’s Creed Origins). It’s out now on Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Source: YouTube
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