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The Falconeer video game
Rank: #1592
It was later ported to Stadia on October 5, 2021.
First Release November 10, 2020
Last Release November 10, 2020

User Descriptions

It was later ported to Stadia on October 5, 2021. Set in a nautical /scifi backdrop named the Great Ursee, The Falconeer is a third-person arcade flight video game in which the player assumes control of a pilot commandeering a massive warbird. In addition to completing the narrative campaign, the player can freely explore the open world and finish different side missions such as completing bounties and delivering items. In different chapters, which can be completed in any order, the player will control pilots from different factions and command a new warbird. The Falconeer is the debut title for solo developer Tomas Sala. He worked on a mod for The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim named Moonpath to Elsweyr as a side project, though the mod received positive reactions from the community, which encouraged him to commence work on an original project. Using the assets and the codes of Oberon's Court, Sala quickly built a prototype for a new game, inspired by aerial combat games he used to enjoy during his childhood, such as Star Wars: TIE Fighter, Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe, Aces of the Pacific, Red Baron, and Crimson Skies. The prototype soon became the foundation for The Falconeer. The Falconeer features a highly technical art style that does away with the accepted practice of using textures. This means that instead of using image files to give 3D models material properties and depth, everything in The Falconeer from the user interfaces to the 3D world and characters utilize techniques that replace textures with math based generated colors and definitions. Procedural and generative visuals are said to have been essential for Tomas Sala to be able to develop the game largely by himself. While Sala made the game on his own, Benedict Nichols served as the game's composer. Wired Productions agreed to publish the game in early 2019. However, criticisms were directed at the game's combat and the lack of meaningful activities in its open world.


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