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How To Unlock The Complete Version of Time Splitters 2 in HomeFront: Revolution


Recently, it was discovered that the game Homefront: The Revolution contains a complete version of the game Time Splitters 2 in HD. For years, people were aware that there was Time Splitters 2 content locked in the game, but no one knew how to unlock all of the Time Splitters 2 content. Let me be clear, there has always been a little Time Splitters 2 content in Homefront: The Revolution, but this unlocks all of it.

To unlock the complete version of Time Splitters 2 in Homefront: The Revolution, enter these buttons on your console at the story menu

Time Splitters 2 Story Mode Unlock

Up+LT, UP+LT, Down, Right+LT, Left+RT, B+RT, Y+LT, Y+LT, X+RT, A+LT

Time Splitters 2 Arcade Mode Unlock

Left+LT+RT, Down+LT+RT, Left+LT+RT, B+LT+RT, Left+RT, Left+LT+RT, Down+LT+RT, Y+LT+RT, X+RT, A+LT

Time Splitters 2 Challenge Mode Unlock

B+RT, Left+LT+RT, B+LT+RT, Down+LT+RT, Right+LT, Up+LT, Y+LT, A+LT+RT, X+RT, A+LT

Time Splitters 2 is a great game, similar in game play to Perfect Dark and Goldeneye on Nintendo 64. If you like those games, you will like the Time Splitters series. Homefront; The Revolution is an older game you can usually find on sale. Hopefully you found the codes to unlock Time Splitters 2 that's hidden in Homefront: The Revolution helpful!

ultrastar's Avatar ultrastar April 9th, 2021

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