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Timelock VR video game

Escape The Spacetime Continuum | Timelock VR | ConsidVRs


The problem with Escape-The-Room titles is that they're all just so dull. So why not throw in a few bow shooting mini-games and some seriously hard puzzles?

TimeLock VR is an Escape the Room with Action elements where you take control over the time!

CryMorGaming's Avatar CryMorGaming September 13th, 2017
Timelock VR game

Timelock VR

Timelock VR is an action-escape the room game for HTC VIVE. You'll play as an agent from corporation which research time travels. You`ll have the newest tools that will help you to change the past and solve any problems. Also, you`ll be supported by the quantum computer S.T.A.S.I.S that will become your...

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