Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore video game

Tokyo Mirage Sessions Encore - Switch vs. Wii U Graphics & Load Times Comparison!


While the graphics of Tokyo mirage sessions encore have barely improved over the Wii U version, load times are significantly improved. Tokyo mirage sessions encore will load new screens about two to four times faster than the Wii U version. No doubt thanks to the use of a cartridge for the Switch as opposed to an optical disc for the Wii U.

Tokyo mirage sessions encore is based off the North American version of the Wii U game. so you can expect the graphics and most everything else, including changes to outfits and such, to remain the same.

Remember, this is a port, not a remaster or remake. So it's not going to be any sort of massive improvement over the Wii  U version of Tokyo mirage sessions.

larynx's Avatar larynx January 6th, 2020

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