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TrackMaster Demo Review

hugelake's Avatar hugelake   April 19th, 2021

I saw Trackmaster: Free For All Motorsport in the steam demo list and thought it reminded me of Trackmania, so I gave it a try. It wasn't like Trackmania, it's more of just a regular sandbox type game where you play with the physics of the game in your vehicle. But I noticed the physics seemed a little off, it didn't feel right. I had a problem at first where I'd flip over backwards when going over a jump, but I realized you have forward and backwards control through the air whether you give it throttle or you apply the brake. But any sort of control to the side is missing, which is weird. In an arcade sandbox racing game like this I would think you would have more control over yourself in the air. It is an early access demo so of course there's going to be problems. But there were no messages telling me what was locked out because of the game being a demo or because of the game being early access. "Online" mode was blocked out, is that because I'm playing the demo, or because the game is in early access? I have no idea.

It is made with the GODOT engine though, which is cool. GODOT is an open source game engine and I think Trackmaster has potential to make GODOT shine if they give this game more attention and time.

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