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Difficulty Isnt Very Good Due to AI


I've been somewhat enjoying my playthrough of Trials of Mana, but there's a really big problem that seems to take away from it all. You have AI partners in Trials of Mana, and they're not very smart. Which means you're going to end up spending a lot of time healing them and keeping them alive if you're playing on a hard or higher difficulty, even if you're not playing a healer or support character. They'll constantly stand in the middle of enemy attacks and get nuked. They make little effort to avoid it. My caster, Angela, seems to be the worst.

You would think a mage would be more cautious and defense-oriented, but even trying to protect her, she won't move out of the way when somethings coming towards her. Angela dies a lot for me on hard mode, even when I'm doing everything to protect her. She's a huge sink for healing items.

Now, you're probably thinking I need to get good at this point in the review, but the second problem, which is understandable with modern games, is that normal difficulty is too easy. The AI can survive, but I find my skill level makes things too easy. The last boss I beat, I was only level 31 and the boss was level 36, and I beat the boss on my first time. Of course, Angela died once and I had to heal my AI teammates, but I did fine. 

Which really highlights what's taking away a lot of the fun of Trials of Mana. The difficulty of Trials of Mana just isn't right. It's either too easy to play, but you don't babysit your teammates, or combat is starting to get fun and you instead spend your time healing your team because they make terrible choices. 

Trials of Mana has some great things going for it, but the difficulty feels artificial. More like Trials of Babysitting suicidal AI partners.

swanky's Avatar swanky July 10th, 2020

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