modernized quest markers makes it too easy for old school fans

Posted By   xenongenesis's Avatar xenongenesis   on March 25th, 2020 Report

If you are looking for old school RPG challenge, I didn't find it in the demo. I played on hard, it was pretty easy. But one thing really stuck out, and it's how trials of Mana has markers for everything.

if you're supposed to go somewhere, there's a marker on the map. if you need to talk to someone, there's a marker for that too.

Trials of Mana has definitely been modernized when it comes to it. I feel like it further detracts from the difficulty. I can't even imagine playing this game on easy mode, it's literally a game journalist bait mode.

Trials of Mana has some real potential, let's see what happens in retail. if you can turn off the markers and there's a higher difficulty mode, it has potential to be a great remake.

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