Trials Of Mana Demo Impressions

Posted By   blazen's Avatar blazen   on March 20th, 2020 Report

The Trials of Mana demo is now available on Steam, Nintendo eShop, and other platforms. I played a part of the Trials of Mana demo on Nintendo Switch and wanted to share a few insights.

Some of the voices are pretty bad. You can choose a companion who is a female healer, and she talks in this absolutely horrible baby voice. It's horrendous. Thankfully Trials of Mana supports dual audio. Some of the English voice acting is decent, but this feels like something you'll want to use the Japanese voice acting with.

I had a problem with the game crashing the first time I loaded it. In fact, it crashed on my Nintendo Switch after choosing my companions, before I even got into the game.

Beyond that, I haven't really noticed any other major problems. After a restart, Trials of Mana made it through where it crashed fine. I did lose all my progress to that point, which wasn't very much. I didn't even get into the game.

The battles themselves are pretty fun, the battle system feels pretty tight. I don't know how the difficulty will be, but I put it on hard and felt like it was too easy so far, though I haven't gotten that far in the demo yet.

Exploring the towns and maps are very well done. I feel like there's a lot of effort put into things, you can jump on building roofs, and there's a bit of exploration and platforming to do.

Trials of Mana feels a little rough around the edges, but there's some potential and it may end up being a pretty great game. With release so close, I don't know how much the release will change.

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