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Twin Cobra video game
Twin Cobra game

Twin Cobra

Twin Cobra, released in Japan as Kyukyoku Tiger , is a 1987 helicopter-themed shoot 'em up arcade game developed by Toaplan. The Genesis/Mega Drive version was developed by GRC, published by Treco in Japan and by Sega in North America.

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A helicopter themed shoot ém up action game from a birds eye view.
First Release October 1, 1987
Last Release February 14, 2023
Zero Wing, Twin Cobra and other Toaplan classics get upgraded for PCOut Zone, Truxton, Twin Cobra, and Zero Wing for PC launch FebruaryToaplan shoot 'em ups Twin Cobra, Truxton II, Flying Shark, and Out Zone coming to consoles

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A helicopter themed shoot ém up action game from a birds eye view.

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