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Game development is not easy. Ways to make it accessible to those with little to no programming knowledge is in demand by many aspiring developers. This enables more developers to express their visions. Degica have done this for RPGs already through the creation of the popular RPG Maker series alongside Kadokawa Games. Now the publisher is trying to do this with the visual novel genre as well with the release of Visual Novel Maker. Developed by Andre Radomski, VN Maker prides itself on being an accessible program for aspiring visual novel devs citing that it can be used for both free and commercial products. In short, it is — with a few rough edges. Allow me to elaborate.

This looks like a super easy way to make visual novels, which is cool. We have RPGMaker, but we didn't have anything for VNs. Hopefully we see some cool VNs come out of this.

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blazen's Avatar blazen 2017-12-06 11:51:31
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