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game WarioWare Gold Review: WarioWare Gold For The Nintendo 3DS

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Now on its eighth installment, the WarioWare series has taken a five-year break after the Wii U’s bumpy ride with Game & Wario, dubbed as a spiritual successor to the franchise. Developed by Intelligent Systems, WarioWare Gold features more than 300 microgames, minigames and zany collector memorabilia across its two main modes for the Nintendo 3DS. Despite its relatively high download size (9,000+ blocks) on the eShop, it’s staggering how little content actually appears in the game. We’re wagering that its file size largely stems from the greatly entertaining animated segments within the story campaign, rather than what’s on offer as playable content.

A disappointing offer for a WarioWare game. I don't see how this is a surprise to anyone, a new 3DS game after Switch has been out for so long should have lowered everyone's expectations. Here's to hoping we see a good Wario game on the Switch.

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