Watch Dogs 2 - 10 Ways It's Bigger, Better, and Bolder than the Original

Posted By   canya's Avatar canya   on September 23rd, 2016 Report
The direction of this is terrible. They try and make it realistic hacker game (though they fail), and then they add in arcade style racing? I don't know, this looks pretty bad. The main character is being shot and he just runs up and start shooting people. They tried really hard to improve on what the first game had, but it feels like they're making it more of an arcade style grand theft auto v clone with a hacking gimmick.

watch dogs was plagued with bugs. We'll see how this one stands up. But I am not overly impressed with this. As a bonus, look for the jogger around 3 minutes in. They're glitching out and running around in circles. This may seem like it's a big improvement over the first, but I'm seeing the signs of problems. It feels like they're just trying to make it more casual to appeal to a wider audience while doing little about the glitches and bugs watch dogs faced.

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