Watch Dogs Legion new Resistance trailer shows some more the world

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During the Xbox Games Showcase preshow a new trailer for Watch Dogs Legion was released, and it goes through quite a lot of different elements of the game with the resistance being the key focus. It shows a lot of different characters you could play as from a super spy to a builder, a punk, a Palace guard, and some much more. The trailer also dives a little into the other factions including Albion and the Kelly crime family. Have a watch below. Last week, Ubisoft released a new gameplay overview which really dived into the play as anyone focus. Mission gameplay shows that a construction worker may have access to tools like a sledgehammer or a nail gun, and this kind of gameplay extends to the numerous other professions in the world. Your character choice is very much driven by how you want to play Watch Digs Legion. Want to play stealthily? Recruit a drone expert. Looking to go in with some guns, there’s a hitman who looks suspiciously like John Wick. Heck, you can still play as a granny should you wish! Private military company Albion was introduced first the footage last week alongside its brutal and violent owner Nigel Cass. Albion are heavily armed and are likely to play an active role in many of the game’s other shootouts. We are also introduced to Mary Kelly, the owner of London’s biggest crime syndicate. Mary and her subordinates sell objects and people on the dark web, but how she fits into the game’s story is unknown. Watch Dogs Legion will be out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on 29th October. The game will also be coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, with Smart Delivery confirmed for the Xbox ecosystem. Source: YouTube
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