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Ubisoft blatantly lying and misrepresenting Watch Dogs at E3


How is this even legal? The difference between the E3 version and consumer version is massive. Reflections and details are gone. The world goes from looking rich and detailed to flat and awful. And the guy who made this on Youtube claims he played the game on max settings on PC.

The streets, walls, etc don't even look remotely close to how they looked for the E3 version. They look flat and dull. They just completely removed stuff too. The street has far less trees, umbrellas are removed, etc. There are less NPCs, less fog. The club doesn't look anything close to what it does at E3.

The rain effect was completely removed too. Lights and shadows have been removed or reduced. It looks like rain has been removed entirely.

corrector's Avatar corrector June 6th, 2016

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