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Weed Shop 3 Early Access Review

hybridCali's Avatar hybridCali   April 19th, 2021

This game is in Early Access, so it contains bugs.  On Discord, the developer is involved and attentive. This purchase, in my opinion, is an investment in the game's future. AlmostChris has a long history of putting in a lot of effort on the pot shop series.

If you can't stand a few glitches and a little paranoid saving, just wait for the official update. This is essentially the same demo from the game festival, but if you can see beyond the glitches, it's a lovely diversion from WS2.

Contrary to what some of the other reviews say, the game is quite playable. I wholeheartedly recommend this game. However, if you are a person who is impatient and does not understand or like the concept of EA names. If that's the case, don't buy.

Yes, it appears that they are using UE4 rather than Unity this time around. I'm really looking forward to the announcement, and I'm enjoying the updates. I'm very excited to see a lot of the mobile content ported in, such as making wax/hash/etc, glassblowing, and buying bongs to sell before you can make your own, or even hiring employees to manufacture them. I'd like to have access to the office computer as well. Started on smartphone, became enraged by Google's #weedban, then the hacky2d knockoffs from Facebook they endorsed, but I digress. Thank you for all of your efforts! As much as I'd like to see multiplayer, I don't think it's necessary if it's game breaking or developmentally taxing.

I'm not sure why the negative reviews have no material. I'm sure that, like WS2, this would be a fun way to waste time for years to come.

Sure, there are bugs, but it is in EARLY ACCESS! However, some of these negative reviews are from people who simply do not read or explore the game. Devs have also already published a patch that addresses some of the real-world problems that people have raised in their reviews.

The majority of bugs are removed by saving and reloading. Using the paranoid save/load technique, I was able to create a completely functional store. And, hey, it didn't run at all a few weeks ago; now it runs on 2/4 PCs! Progress is progress is progress. And I've been looking forward to this for a long time. As you can see from my suggestion from last year above, I requested that the PC be removed from the mobile game; guess what, it's already in the game!

A very well-thought-out and enjoyable game in which you decide how quickly you want to level up, with amusing dialogues and a friendly and supportive group. It's in Early Access, and they're working on fixing all of the recorded bugs and issues. This is a fun game.

So far, I've really enjoyed the game, but I'm recommending it because I can see the developers constantly working to improve it and fix bugs. I hope they use the feedback to enhance some aspects of the game. The only major concern I have is that the ram consumption is very high, resulting in lag spikes and, I would presume, other performance problems on lower-end systems. Additionally, general optimization is needed. (It appears that they have resolved the memory issue.)

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