Update 1.2.0 Now Available for Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Posted By   super7's Avatar super7   on January 20th, 2018 Report

Nintendo has released a version 1.2.0 update for Xenoblade Chronicles 2. The new update adds a number of bug fixes and adjustments, as well as Expansion Pass-related functionality. There’s also the new ability to skip voice segments when browsing menus.

I love this game, but it does have some problems. Specially with frame rate. It could definitely use some more improvements, but this is a really good start and fixes some big issues.

Version 1.2.0

  • Fixed an issue in which parts set to a specific Skill RAM failed to provide their intended effects.
  • Adjusted the Gormott regular quest “The Riddle on the Wall” to make it completable regardless of player progression in the main story.
  • Adjusted Finch’s Blade Quest “Birds of a Feather” to make it completable regardless of player progression in the main story.
  • Fixed an issue in Agate’s Blade Quest “Precious Yearnings” preventing quest progression.
  • Added functionality to allow players to receive the first round of quests and the second round of items associated with the Expansion Pass.
  • Voiced segments in menus can now be skipped with the A or B button.

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