Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Patch 1.5.1: New Rare Blade, Difficulty Modes, Quests, XC1 BGM, & More!

Posted By   rx99's Avatar rx99   on July 27th, 2018 Report

The release date for patch 1.5.1 has been announced, and it brings with it quite a few new surprises...

The Xenoblade Chronicles 1 BGM is the cherry on top of the new rare blade, Hibana, and the extensive new custom difficulty options. I can't wait to mess around with all these new goodies on July 27th.

There's some quality of life items in the challenge mode store. Most importantly, this update includes the new difficulty modes and configuration, that lets you change various aspects of the game. It also gives you a "Bringing of Chaos" difficulty which makes the game more difficult.

This patch is now available, so start up your Switch to get it.

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