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xenoblade chronicles x Takahashi Would Like To See Xenoblade Chronicles X On Nintendo Switch

Xenoblade Chronicles X will be remembered by Wii U owners but there’s a lot of people out there who haven’t had a chance to play the game. Siliconera caught up with Tetsuya Takahashi, Monolith Soft President, who said, “Personally speaking, there are times I feel like playing Xenoblade Chronicles X and think about how nice it would be to play it on the Nintendo Switch. Of course that will depend on demand and such, but I will think about it while discussing future plans with Nintendo.”

Today really is a Xenoblade day. People really weren't happy with the changes XCX made from the original Xenoblade Chronicles. I think it has Chrono Cross syndrome, where it was a good game on its own, but it's not what fans were expecting from a sequel, which lead to disappointment.

It'd be nice to have a portable version of this game, I'd buy it if they fixed all the localization issues that were plaguing the Wii U version and sold it at a reduced price, like $20 or so. That'd be kind of awesome, the localization really detracted from the overall experience of the game. Towards the end, there's a lot of typos and massive inconsistencies. If those were fixed, along with the outfit changes, it'd be nice to see. XCX wasn't a great Xenoblade Chronicles game, but it was a good game (in my opinion). It'd be a shame to see it get forgotten on a system like Wii U.

Good rumor
pocky's Avatar pocky 2017-11-30 14:04:50 to xenoblade chronicles x
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ESRB Rating
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Monolith Soft
GenresRole Playing RPG
An indirect sequel to Xenoblade Chronicles, it's a science fiction JRPG in a world where Earth has been destroyed by aliens. You are a part of a large ship that left Earth as it was being destroyed in hopes you'd settle on a new home planet that's safe. You land there and find out that there are several problems facing both humans and the species inhabiting the planet you've landed on.

It features nearly everything you would expect from a solid role playing game, a main story, side quests, crafting, mechs (known as Skells in the English version), complex battle system, and more.

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