Takahashi Would Like To See Xenoblade Chronicles X On Nintendo Switch

Xenoblade Chronicles X will be remembered by Wii U owners but there’s a lot of people out there who haven’t had a chance to play the game. Siliconera caught up with Tetsuya Takahashi, Monolith Soft President, who said, “Personally speaking, there are times I feel like playing Xenoblade Chronicles X and think about how nice it would be to play it on the Nintendo Switch. Of course that will depend on demand and such, but I will think about it while discussing future plans with Nintendo.”

Today really is a Xenoblade day. People really weren't happy with the changes XCX made from the original Xenoblade Chronicles. I think it has Chrono Cross syndrome, where it was a good game on its own, but it's not what fans were expecting from a sequel, which lead to disappointment.

It'd be nice to have a portable version of this game, I'd buy it if they fixed all the localization issues that were plaguing the Wii U version and sold it at a reduced price, like $20 or so. That'd be kind of awesome, the localization really detracted from the overall experience of the game. Towards the end, there's a lot of typos and massive inconsistencies. If those were fixed, along with the outfit changes, it'd be nice to see. XCX wasn't a great Xenoblade Chronicles game, but it was a good game (in my opinion). It'd be a shame to see it get forgotten on a system like Wii U.

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