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xenoblade chronicles xXenoblade Chronicles X Classic Game Review - Electric Playground

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is here on the Nintendo Switch, so here's our classic review for the last big game in the series, Xenoblade Chronicles X for the Wii U!

This segment originally aired on EP Daily in December 2015.

Positive Review
An indirect sequel to Xenoblade Chronicles, it's a science fiction JRPG in a world where Earth has been destroyed by aliens. You are a part of a large ship that left Earth as it was being destroyed in hopes you'd settle on a new home planet that's safe. You land there and find out that there are several problems facing both humans and the species inhabiting the planet you've landed on. It features nearly everything you would expect from a solid role playing game, a main story, side quests, crafting,
ESRB Rating
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Monolith Soft
GenresRole Playing RPG
Difficulty (1)
Game Length (4)
Gameplay (4)
Graphics (4)
Overall Quality (4)
Story (4)
Worth Playing (1)

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