Examples of the previous localization version being horrible

Posted By   Player2's Avatar Player2   on February 3rd, 2018 Report

It's no secret at this point, that NISA really screwed up the Ys VIII localization. But how, you ask? Here are some great examples.

Here's a completely incoherent sentence with a random question mark at the end of the sentence. I don't even know what they are trying to get at here, it's a mess.

Wow, a "big hole" joke. That's hilarious and fits with the rest of the game very well :^)

Enjoy some random crude language about taking a shit and feeling great. This is some great character development and there's no way the original Japanese text said anything like this.

Wow, another hilarious joke about a big hole.

This is all from the previous localization before NISA redid it. I've only see the quick translation patch comparison, I don't know if they've managed to disrespect the original game like this in the re-localization or if they've cleaned it all up. Overall though, this sort of attitude when translating and localizing a game is really disrespectful and it's not what fans of the series want.

Having my own story or writing being "adapted" in a way like this would really make me mad. I can't imagine how the developers of this game feel about this happening.

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