So Many Invisible Walls

Posted By   bloody's Avatar bloody   on November 5th, 2019 Report

While Ys VIII has some great exploration and a solid battle system, it feels like the negatives of Ys VIII have generally focused around the localization. But, there are some other issues with Ys VIII that stop it from being a really great game.

My second complaint about Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana (second to the localization), is how many invisible walls there are. Ys VIII has a huge map, and you're encouraged to explore it. After you get situated in the game, you realize how big the map is and how it usually does a very good job of rewarding you for your exploration.

But, exploration is massively hindered by invisible walls. What do I mean? It's when you go to walk or jump somewhere, and something you can't see blocks your path. Ys VIII has these, everywhere. There are plenty of situations where you think you can explore a new area, but there's an invisible wall you can't see stopping you.

There's also a problem with these invisible walls causing you to backtrack or take the long way around, because you can't actually just jump off the small cliff.

They are also inconsistent. Sometimes you'll find something that looks as high as something you couldn't jump over before, only to find that you now can jump over it.

It's a major blow to the fun of exploration in Ys VIII. I hope they can fix this in later games. Developers put invisible walls up because of budget and time. It takes game designers a lot more time to make physics accurate for objects and terrain. And these invisible walls are usually the developers saving time and money by taking a shortcut. A very basic example of how invisible walls work is to think of having to round objects next to each other. You could create physics that roughly follow the contours of the round objects. So, if you go between the peaks of the two, you can still pass through.

Or you can just fake it but putting a box around the whole thing. And that's what Ys VIII has done, a lot.

An excellent example of accurate physics in a game belongs to Xenoblade Chronicles X. They went so far into detailing the physics that you could jump on window sills on buildings.

Ys VIII is a far cry from that. And it's too bad, because Ys VIII's game world is otherwise a very fun and exciting place to explore, with lots of interesting landmarks and cool environments.

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2020-02-15 20:59:47
At one point, there's an invisible wall that blocks you from jumping over a small hill and getting to a treasure chest. For a game that depends so much on exploration, the invisible walls really detract from the experience.

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