Ys VIII on Switch Just Crashed And I'm Not That Far Into The Game

Posted By   jiggy's Avatar jiggy   on August 7th, 2019 Report

I've never seen a Nintendo Switch game crash before, but this one has. I'm not even that far into the game, but it crashed badly. Do you remember how old computers used to crash and they'd keep looping the same little bit of the audio over and over again and everything would be unresponsive?

That just happened to me playing the Switch version. I could still get to the home menu and close it, but I did lose some of my progress.

It's too bad, this game is a lot of fun but if I am going to have to deal with it crashing and progress being lost it's really going to take away from the enjoyment.

I just went to open a treasure chest. As soon as I did, a ton of enemies dropped from the sky and then the game crashed. Really disappointing, to say the least. Time to see how much progress I lost.

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2019-08-08 00:15:06
they said the fixed the localization too. why does this not surprise me coming from NISA?
2019-12-03 16:00:58

Nothing can surprise you with NISA.

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