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Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe game

Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe

  • Fighting

DC Universe is a crossover fighting video game between Mortal Kombat and the DC Comics fictional universe, developed by Midway Games and Warner Bros. An attack by both Raiden and Superman simultaneously in their separate universes causes the merging of the Mortal Kombat and DC villains, Shao Kahn and...

Super Pac-Man game

Super Pac-Man

Super Pac-Man is the fourth title of the Pac-Man series of games, released in Japan on August 11, 1982 and North America on October 1, 1982 and it is the fourth starring Pac-Man himself. Once all the food is eaten, the player advances to the next level, in which the food is worth more points. In addition...

Mortal Kombat 4 game

Mortal Kombat 4

  • Fighting

Released to arcades in 1997, Mortal Kombat 4 is the first title from the series and one of the first made by Midway overall to use 3D computer graphics. The gameplay system of Mortal Kombat 4 is similar to that of the previous games; one of the most notable additions is the use of weapons and objects...

War Gods game

War Gods

  • Arcade
  • Fighting

Billions of years ago, a Being from a distant galaxy was transporting a precious cargo of life giving Ore. The turbulent formation of our solar system caused his ship to crash, scattering Ore over the molten surface of Planet Earth. Through the millennia, Ten Humans came into contact with the Ore and...

Unreal Tournament 3 game

Unreal Tournament 3

  • Arena
  • FirstPerson
  • Shooter

Unreal Tournament 3 is a first-person shooter and online multiplayer video game developed by Epic Games and published by Midway Games in the Unreal series. In vehicle maps, the player will be equipped with a hover board, which allows players to quickly traverse large maps and grapple onto other team-mates'...

Mortal Kombat 3 game

Mortal Kombat 3

  • Fighting

Mortal Kombat 3 is a fighting video game developed by Midway Games and first released into arcades in 1995 as the third game in the Mortal Kombat series. The third installment of Mortal Kombat retains the blood and gory attacks that defined the series. Some characters from the previous games returned...

Shadow Hearts game

Shadow Hearts

  • RolePlaying

It is the first official game in the Shadow Hearts series and is the sequel to Koudelka. The Judgment Ring, designed to incorporate an element of chance in various outcomes based on the player's skill, is unique to the genre. The player maneuvers a 3D character in the submap, a 2D pre-rendered background...

Pac-Land game


  • Platform

Pac-Land is an entry in the Pac-Man series of arcade video games, released into arcades by Namco, and its American distributor Bally Midway , in August 1984. In the American release of Pac-Land by Bally Midway, the characters' appearances are based on the designs from the Pac-Man animated series produced...

RoadKill game


  • racing
  • Shooter

RoadKill is an open world action-adventure video game developed by Terminal Reality and published in 2003 by Midway Games. The game has been described by Midway as “the only mission-based combat driving game set in a post-apocalyptic world. RoadKill is a vehicular combat game, and its gameplay...

Galaxian game


  • ShootEmUp

Galaxian is an arcade game that was developed by Namco and released in October 1979. It spawned a successful sequel, Galaga, in 1981, and the lesser known Gaplus and Galaga '88 in 1984 and 1987 respectively, as well as many later ports and adaptations. As in the earlier game, Galaxian features a horde...

Pac Man game

Pac Man

  • Maze

NHL Hitz 2003 game

NHL Hitz 2003

  • Sports

It's the second game of the NHL Hitz series. To begin the game, a center, a winger, a defenceman, and a goalie are picked for each team. There is an option for a mercy rule that will end the game as soon as the team reaches the limit of goal differential. The game is also meant to mainly be a hard-hitting,...

Ed, Edd N Eddy: The Mis-Edventures game

Ed, Edd N Eddy: The Mis-Edventures

  • adventure
  • Platform

Players can use them in special tag team formations like the "Tower-of-Eddy" , "Trampol-Edd" , and "Batter-Ed" to complete eight levels, referred to as scams. The Eds' normal weapons and skills include Ed lifting heavy objects, Edd using a slingshot to hit distant targets, and Eddy using the El Mongo...

Rush 2: Extreme Racing USA game

Rush 2: Extreme Racing USA

  • racing

Rush 2: Extreme Racing USA is a racing video game developed by Atari Games and published by Midway Games exclusively for the Nintendo 64 video game console. The game is notable for the high level of detail in the recreations of the various cities and states used, and for its fast arcade-style physics....

World Driver Championship game

World Driver Championship

  • racing

It was developed by Boss Game Studios and published for the Nintendo 64 by Midway Games. The development team was able to optimize the usage of the various processors within the N64 to allow a great draw distance , highly detailed texturing and models, Doppler effect MP3 audio, and advanced lighting...

Wipeout 64 game

Wipeout 64

  • racing

It is the third game in the WipEout series and remains the only one published on a Nintendo console. Set in 2098, just a year after WipEout 2097, Wipeout 64 introduced several new elements to the WipEout series including analogue control which benefited from the Nintendo 64's controller, new weapons,...

Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict game

Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict

  • Shooter

It was developed by Epic Games and published by Midway Games for release on the Xbox games console as a direct sequel to the 2002 game Unreal Championship, which was effectively an Xbox version of the PC game Unreal Tournament 2003. Unreal Championship 2 adds melee combat to the series by allowing characters...

Twisted Edge Extreme Snowboarding game

Twisted Edge Extreme Snowboarding

  • Sports

Twisted Edge Extreme Snowboarding is the third snowboarding game released for the Nintendo 64 after Snowboard Kids then 1080° Snowboarding. Kemco was to publish the game, but Midway acquired the rights to publish the game on October 13, 1997. Reviewers criticized Boss for delaying the game for 4...

TRON game


  • Action

TouchMaster 2 game

TouchMaster 2

  • MiniSet

Team Buddies game

Team Buddies

  • Tactical
  • Shooter

All of a sudden, a large, flat, grey, flying THING blocked out the sun and began to drop crates. It is revealed here that the mysterious craft in the sky was actually the world of the Baddies, which are similar to Buddies except for the fact that their bodies are cubes. Central to the game's theme is...

The Suffering: Ties That Bind game

The Suffering: Ties That Bind

  • Shooter

The Suffering: Ties That Bind is a 2005 first and third-person shooter psychological horror video game, developed by Surreal Software and published by Midway Games for Playstation 2, Xbox and Microsoft Windows. In the original game, after arriving on death row in Abbot State Penitentiary on Carnate Island,...

The Suffering game

The Suffering

  • Shooter

The Suffering captures the disturbing and terrifying nature of the horror genre in a compelling third-person action/adventure game set in the mature and gritty world of a maximum-security prison. You'll control of the prisoner Torque, a man sentenced to die for a murder he may or may not have actually...