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Add, remove, and change video games on your backlog with Backlog anywhere you see it. Try searching for games to add to your backlog. You can add games to your GameSense backlog anywhere you see a game tile.

Create lists of video games for whatever you want! Create lists of your favorite games, favorite types of games, worst games, etc. No limits!

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You can talk about any video games you like on Game Sense. Sometimes, we may miss adding a video game to our database, but that's ok! You can add it yourself.

Game Sense is an open database, where you're free to add, and post about, your own games. We ask that you follow a few simple rules. Please read and accept these rules before adding a video game. Failure to follow the rules may result in the game being deleted.

  1. Search below and make sure the game is not already added to the Game Sense video game database.
  2. The game you're adding does not have to be completed, but it should have a "path to completion". Meaning you must have the resources to get sufficiently far with the game, if it's yours.
  3. Games seeking crowd funding, or any sort of investment, are not allowed. You can add these games after they have been funded.
  4. If adding your own game, be sure that your Game Sense username properly shows that you're affiliated with the game. Update your Game Sense Profile as well.
  5. If adding an adult game, please make sure the box art or title isn't excessively sexual.
  6. If there are multiple versions of the same game (like Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue), combine them into one listing (like Pokemon Red and Blue).
  7. For special editions and remasters, create a new listing and specify that it's a remaster.
  8. For crappy games that do that crappy thing where they release a sequel without a number (I.E. Hitman and Hitman), add the year after the name of the newer game (Hitman 2018).
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