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Game Sense Game Census

An actively running ranking of video games, based on year, platform, and more coming soon!

We take your posts, ratings, reviews, and votes on posts, calculate a score, and then rank video games based on certain criteria.

For now, we rank video games based on platform and release year. However, as more and more posts, votes, and ratings and made by you, the more we will open things up and add more "Game Censuses".

Game Rankings By Year

Rankings of video games that were released from 1983 to the Current Year™. Includes any release from any year. For example, if a video game was release in Japan in 1983, and then again the USA in 1984, the game would show up in both 1983 and 1984 rankings.

Game Rankings By Platforms

Vier rankings of video games based on what platforms they were released on. Includes multi-platform video games.